Tips for Staying Safe at College Halloween Parties


Halloween for college students is one of the biggest reasons to celebrate and attend a party. In high school, you dressed up for Halloween only on the 31st, but in college, you dress up on the 31st, plus the nearest Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. However, college parties are not always the safest ways to celebrate this holiday. Here’s a list of tips and tricks that you should try in order to stay safe this Halloweekend.

Group Up

When going to any type of college parties, it is important to stay in a group. This ensures that someone has your back and is looking out for your best interest. During Halloween, it is even more essential to follow this rule as students tend to wear revealing costumes and take celebrations to another level.

Charge Your Phone

Make sure your phone is charged before you leave for your party or bring along a portable charger. Upon reaching the party, you’re bound to take a couple of pictures with your friends and that can really drain your battery, especially if you’re someone who posts them online right away.

The safest thing to do when going to Halloween parties is having your phone charged and ready to go. If you get caught up in a situation, you will easily be able to call for help, text a friend, or call a taxi to get you out of there.

Guard your drink

Drinks should be handled with the utmost amount of care, especially at Halloween parties. During Halloween, drinks are usually mixed to look spookier and Halloween themed. You should try to bring your own drink and keep it with you. If you put your drink down at all, make sure to pick out a new one so you don’t end up drinking something that could have been mixed.

Choose a designated driver

Make sure you don’t drink and drive this Halloween. To prevent this, make sure to choose a designated driver from your group that will safely bring you home. This person should be responsible and not drink as well as be someone you and your friends can trust to do the right thing.

If you do not decide on a designated driver, make sure to have a friend or family on speed dial. If you want to leave the party at any time, this person can pick you up. You may even want to consider ridesharing and downloading apps like Uber or Lyft to help you get back to your on-campus housing safely.

Don’t forget your ID

In case of an emergency during your Halloweekend, it is essential to keep your license and ID with you. If you get carried away with your drinks, someone can use your ID to help identify your home and guide you there. On the other hand, the ID can also help get you back inside the dorm. Many buildings on campus, only allow you to go indoors if you swipe in with your ID so they can track when students are coming and going.

Halloween is a time of year that requires a lot of special attention. Make sure that you are responsible and able to take care of yourself to prevent being caught up in difficult situations.

You can better prepare for this holiday by downloading apps such as bSafe which designates a group of friends to follow you home by keeping track of you via GPS. If you decide to travel this Halloweekend, make sure to visit Global Travel Plus online and on the Mobile App for valuable pre-trip information.
Posted: 10/26/2018 9:00:00 AM