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Trip Stacking


With travel plans at risk of being changed until the last second, a new trend called 'trip stacking' is emerging to combat the risk of having a canceled trip due to COVID-19 restrictions. As more countries are updating their travel restrictions, this trend has become increasingly popular for those who want to get away and do not want a canceled trip to disrupt their planned vacation.
Posted: 10/8/2021 9:52:47 AM


Why You Should Relocate to Vermont


Known for its cheddar cheese, maple syrup, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and over 100 19th-century covered bridges, Vermont should be on your list if you're considering a relocation. And now, more than ever, might be the best time to pack up and move to the Green Mountain State, which was voted the #1 best state to live in in 2018. Why? Because for a short time, you can get paid to do it.
Posted: 10/1/2021 1:49:11 PM


5 Oktoberfest Celebrations You Can Attend in the US


Just because the world's best-known Oktoberfest celebration held in Munich has been canceled doesn't mean there won't be other celebrations. In fact, many cities across the United States will keep Oktoberfest traditions alive and host festivals, permitting local restrictions allow them to occur. Oktoberfest began in 1810 in Bavaria, Germany and has now turned into one of the largest festivals worldwide celebrated officially from mid-September to the first Sunday in October.  
Posted: 9/17/2021 12:24:23 PM


How You Can Use Global Travel Plus While Back on Campus This Semester


Whether you’re leaving home for school for the first time or returning to campus after months of virtual classes, Global Travel Plus’ services cover you if you are traveling more than 100 miles away from home or to another country. We encourage all students to download the Global Travel Plus mobile app to utilize our services if they encounter a medical or travel emergency while away from home. Read on to find out how you can use Global Travel Plus this semester.
Posted: 9/10/2021 12:35:56 PM


Wildfire Safety While Traveling

As Wildfire season across the northern hemisphere continues along with an increase in outdoor recreation, vacationers should take extra safety measures in the event of an unpredictable situation. If you're planning to travel to the western United States, planning vacations around wildfires and taking proper precautions when in an area prone to hazard is essential to consider before you go. 
Posted: 9/3/2021 12:42:30 PM