Are you Traveling This Memorial Day Weekend?


According to AAA, around 37 million people are planning to travel for this Memorial Day Weekend; over 34 million by car and 2.5 million by air. Whether you are flying or driving, consider these tips for this weekend. Remember, if your destination is 100 or more miles away from home, you are covered by Global Travel Plus travel assistance services. 

Before you go: 
Download the free Global Travel Plus Mobile App before you go, so you can access our services from your mobile phone. Utilize the Travel Information and COVID-19 updates to research your destination so you are aware of any potential disruptions or guidelines. In the event that you encounter a travel emergency, use the Tap for Help feature to call our 24/7 Emergency Operations Center. 

Traveling by car: 
If traveling to your destination by car, make sure your vehicle is equipped with essentials like food and water for the trip. Mitigate travel delays, which are expected on late afternoons and early evenings between 2 and 6:30pm on Thursday and Friday, by planning alternate routes and commuting during the mornings for holiday weekend travel. Since most people will be off or working remote, roads will be less congested for return trips on Monday.

Gas prices are higher than last year, so fill up your car with gas before you hit the road and consider that gas is always cheaper outside of a metropolitan area. Instead of stopping at the first station, consider driving a mile or two off of an exit for cheaper gas. As a rule of thumb, start looking for stations to fill up when you get to about a quarter of a tank. 

Traveling by air: 
If traveling by plane, remember that COVID-19 policies are still in effect and continue to follow all safety regulations. Masks are required for all travelers on airplanes and in airports, as well as all other forms of public transportation and transportation hubs. 

While Away: 
Familiarize yourself with all that Global Travel Plus has to offer while you are away. Check the Travel Status Indicator on the mobile application to see if you’re eligible for services based on your distance from home. If you forget to pack your prescription medication, Global Travel Plus works with your prescribing physician and a nearby pharmacy to replace your important medications. 

Lose your luggage on the way? Contact Global Travel Plus to help recover and deliver lost bags, so you can enjoy your travels without added stress. 

On behalf of Global Travel Plus, have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day and summer!
Posted: 5/27/2021 2:43:51 PM