Why You Need Travel Assistance Now More than Ever


As the excitement sets in for an upcoming trip, one of the last things we consider is what happens when an emergency strikes. If you traveled to a foreign country and experienced an  emergency, would you know who to contact? With 24/7 travel assistance, you can have the peace of mind to worry less and travel smarter. Knowing you have a safety net if you face issues while traveling, encourages you to take advantage of every adventure you encounter. From medical emergencies to minor inconveniences, travel assistance services are there to help. Here are five reasons why you need travel assistance now more than ever.
Travel Requirements 
The requirements needed for travel are changing post-COVID. For example, many countries  require proof of medical evacuation coverage should an emergency occur. With Global Travel Plus, you are covered with this service. When needed, Global Travel Plus can provide you with a Letter of Coverage to fulfill this travel requirement. Download the letter on your account or call our 24-hour Operations Center for assistance to get one sent to you. 

Help is in Your Pocket 
With access to assistance as close as your smartphone, who wouldn't utilize travel assistance services? Before leaving for your trip, download the free Global Travel Plus Mobile App which members can use from anywhere in the world.  If you are traveling without an international phone plan, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection . With our Tap for Help feature, you will immediately be connected to our 24/7 Operations Center who are ready to assist you.

Enjoy Your Vacation
Global Travel Plus offers its services with no geographical exclusions or exclusions for extreme sports. You can fully enjoy your trip without any additional stress, whether your next adventure takes you fishing in the Florida Keys, scuba diving in Bali, or paragliding in Switzerland.
Quality Care
If a medical emergency occurs, Global Travel Plus will ensure members receive appropriate care. If a facility is not capable of properly treating you, we will transport you to the nearest facility. Once you are cleared for travel, we will arrange for your repatriation home or to a rehabilitation facility. 

Unfamiliar Territory 
Consider the following travel scenario, proving that a good travel assistance provider can be an asset to you while traveling.
While on a beach vacation in Bali, you develop Swimmer's ear. Without any knowledge of the local healthcare system, you contact your travel assistance provider, who provides you with a medical referral to a local doctor. The language barrier makes it difficult to communicate with the nurses and doctor. Once again, you turn to your travel assistance provider, who remains on the line and interprets from Indonesian to English throughout the entire process, ensuring you receive appropriate care. 

Travel assistance isn't just for medical emergencies; it is also there to solve minor inconveniences that can reroute your plans and cause stress. Rest assured, Global Travel Plus is there to help with both significant emergencies and minor inconveniences, like forgetting a prescription  or losing your luggage, so that you can enjoy your trip.
Posted: 6/11/2021 12:47:03 PM