What is a 'Workcation' and how to Take One


Many employers have recently enabled a completely remote or hybrid work schedule, allowing employees to work from anywhere when equipped with a laptop and suitable Wi-Fi connection. Thus, the emergence of a 'workcation' has taken place. A workcation is precisely how it sounds, a working vacation. It's an opportunity to take a break from your usual office for a much-needed change of scenery during the day, while still working remotely. A workcation allows employees to relocate for a bit without using their PTO or combine time off with a couple of workdays.

Where can you take a workcation?
If you are planning a workcation, pick a location based on your goal for a successful trip. For example, will you be working every day from the hotel while your family is vacationing? Are you just looking for a change of scenery in a quaint rental? Or are you planning an extended stay someplace where you can work under the shade of a beach umbrella? Will you be flying, taking a train, or road trip? This will help you narrow down your choices.

Next, pick a location that will have dependable Wi-Fi. Many suggest choosing a place you have traveled to before, so you are familiar with the surroundings and the atmosphere. If the location is entirely new to you, plan a couple days off from work so you can familiarize yourself with a new routine in a new place. Take into account travel time, adjusting to a new time zone (if applicable), and your typical work schedule. Make sure you pack all your required material and technology that you will need. 

Also, ensure it's a location where you won't feel left out if you can't take part in any activities or explorations during the day while you're working. But make sure to plan experiences for the free time you do have. If you're a foodie, pick a place that has excellent restaurants for you to enjoy for lunch or dinner. Take advantage of nature by picking a location that you can work outside. Use the weekend to plan explorations or explore.

Now that you have narrowed down a location, how do you stay productive?
Keep up a similar routine to what you are used to by defining standard hours and prioritizing your day. Creating a balanced plan is key to not making yourself feel overworked and, contrarily, feeling unmotivated. If your schedule is flexible, change your work hours to allow time for some experiences during the day. Or block out work time with breaks in between to take a walk, grab a bite to eat, or enjoy your surroundings. 

Whether it's a workcation or a vacation, remember you are covered by Global Travel Plus' services when you travel 100 miles or more away from home or in another country.
Posted: 6/18/2021 10:39:25 AM