If your passport is lost or stolen...


“To make losing a passport less stressful, scan a copy of it and save it as an attachment in your email. This way, you can access it from anywhere by simply going to an internet cafĂ© and printing out a copy. I had a tough time in Madrid in 2006 when my bag was stolen containing pretty much all of my belongings. To get my passport replaced, I needed to give a ton of information and needed to get someone back home to email copies of any ID available. It could have saved a lot of time and hassle had I kept these documents saved in my email.”
You can scan your passport pages and even prescriptions and store them in a cloud, your email or even locally on your mobile device in case your bags or wallet are lost or stolen while you're traveling abroad. Having access to a copy of your passport can speed up the replacement process at your country's embassy or consulate. The same can be said of scanning the label of your prescription(s) - having the dosage, proper name, and phone number for your doctor or pharmacy will make it easier for a pharmacist to refill or replace your prescription.
Posted: 4/22/2016 11:50:55 AM