Me Want Travel

Sharon and Heesun have peace of mind from global travel plus when they travel and they think you should too!

As a savy travelers themselves, Sharon and Heesun of Me Want Travel trust the expertise and protection of Global Travel Plus.

Upon purchasing Global Travel Plus' global emergency medical assistance services, anytime you are traveling 100 miles or more away from home or in another country, you will be protected by Global Travel Plus’ vast assistance resources. A single phone call is all it takes to put Global Travel Plus in motion. 
Services include:

Medical Referrals
Medical Monitoring
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Foreign Hospital Admission Assistance
Transportation to Join Patient
Prescription Assistance
Care of Minor Children
Medical Repatriation
Return of Remains
Travel Information
Lost Luggage Assistance
And much more

Services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world.


Jeff* and Danielle … Nashville honeymoon interruption

Honeymooners, Jeff* and Danielle, were both huge country music fans, so it made perfect sense for them to celebrate the start of their marriage together in Nashville, Tennessee. A few days into their trip, the excitement of their honeymoon shifted from country music to medical emergency.

While stopping downtown to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner that night while Danielle got ready, Jeff was in a serious car accident. He was transported to the nearest emergency room. Danielle rushed to his side to find that Jeff suffered hip, femur and knee fractures as well as sprained wrists and a sprained ankle. His injuries required surgery. Danielle called Global Travel Plus. Our medical coordinators immediately sprung into action. They spoke to Jeff’s treating doctor to find out the extent of his injuries and were informed that he would be going into surgery as soon as an operating room was available.

After a successful surgery, Jeff spent two weeks in the hospital recovering. Once he was cleared for travel, Global Travel Plus arranged and paid for Jeff and Danielle to return to North Carolina via ground ambulance with a medical escort. The couple made it home safely for Jeff to begin his recovery and rehabilitation.
Norma* and Casey … migraine at the beach     

Hilton Head, South Carolina sounded like the perfect destination for Norma* and her husband Casey to relax and get some beach time.   Just a few days after their arrival though, Norma began to develop a terrible headache.  When the headache did not subside, but, in fact, got worse and was accompanied by vomiting, Casey grew concerned.  He took her to the nearest emergency room and called Global Travel Plus for help.  Our medical coordinators reached out to Norma’s treating doctors to get further information about her condition. Her doctors diagnosed her with a migraine headache as well as well as high blood pressure.  Norma was given medication to treat both of her ailments and kept in the hospital overnight for observation.  Our medical coordinators kept in touch with the hospital, as well as Casey to be sure that everything was going smoothly. 

By the following morning, Norma was feeling much better and her doctors discharged her and cleared her for travel.  Global Travel Plus arranged and paid for Norma and Casey to return to Illinois via commercial carrier with a medical escort.  The couple made it back to Illinois without incident for Norma to visit her primary physician and continue to rest and relax.
Layla* … horseback riding accident in Idaho    
Layla* grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho riding horses.  Since she still had family in the area, she decided to vacation in her home town, visiting cousins who still lived in the area.   Of course, during her vacation, she and her cousin Cynthia couldn’t miss the opportunity to go horseback riding together.   Unlike the countless times they’d ridden together as kids, Layla’s horse became uncooperative and Layla was thrown to the ground.
She was rushed to the nearest emergency room. She asked Cynthia to call Global Travel Plus. Our medical coordinators contacted Layla’s treating doctors and were informed that she suffered a partially collapsed lung as well as rib fractures. She would need to be treated and remain in the hospital for more than ten days. Global Travel Plus arranged and paid for Layla’s father, John to fly to Twin Falls to be with his daughter for the duration of her hospital stay. Layla made a full recovery and was discharged from the hospital and ready for travel. Global Travel Plus arranged and paid for Layla and her father to fly home to Pennsylvania for Layla to rest and continue her recovery.