Food Poisoning Halts a Mother and Daughter Vacation in Sidney

Laura* and her daughter Sara were visiting Australia when they started to feel sick with flu-like symptoms only two days after their arrival in Sidney. Both had cough, sore throats and felt very weak. Sara was also experiencing more severe headaches and nausea. After trying over-the-counter medications with no relief, they called Global Travel Plus for support. 

Global Travel Plus' medical coordinator immediately noted their current location and researched the best and nearest care facilities where the mother and daughter could be treated. Shortly after their first call, our medical coordinator gave Laura three different options. 

They were able to see a doctor who diagnosed them with food poisoning. The local doctor gave them IV fluids and their conditions improved quickly. The next day, Laura and Sara were feeling much better and finally stepped out of their hotel room to explore Sidney!


We are extremely satisfied with the care and services provided by Global Travel Plus. Everyone seemed genuinely concerned that we get the care needed. Our coordinator was efficient, prompt and even followed-up the next day to make sure we were feeling better.” – Laura 

*Names we changed for privacy purpose. 
Posted: 9/1/2017 9:04:06 AM