​Visiting Ancient Ruins


Below are some information and tips to follow when visiting the ruins of Italy, Greece and Turkey.

Accept the fact that there will be large crowds of tourists visiting the ruins speaking various languages, using selfie sticks, clogging the trails and ruining your perfect photograph! The best strategy to try to avoid crowds is to visit the ruins in the later afternoon as many tours are scheduled for the morning and just after lunch – shoot for 3 or 4pm.

The ruins are in a constant state of reconstruction as crumbling pieces are recreated and rebuilt. Don’t be surprised to see cranes, scaffolding and restricted areas.

Visit the museums. Some of the most interesting artifacts unearthed at the site such as art and coins are not kept in the ruins. You will also get overviews of the ruin site as well as historical background information that will help you better appreciate the ruins as you explore.

There will be certain areas within the ruin sites that require an additional fee to enter – this is to minimize crowds and preserve sensitive areas.
Posted: 9/30/2016 11:54:59 AM