​The Art of Communication


Ten minutes go by and the pilot returns to announce “So, they don’t have the part we need in Philadelphia, but we are cleared to fly anyway”.  Ok so at this point, we, the passengers all start looking at each other rather concerned mouthing “a missing part is ok?" The flight attendant notices all our faces, holds her index finger up as to say "wait one second" and goes to the pilot and returns with a smile.  

The pilot comes back on and says “oh and the part is a small weight measuring device that is the back up and since the main one works we are go to go”.

Ah the art of communication. A plane “part” to the average traveler could consist of ohhhh…. I don’t know…. let’s say…. an engine, a wing, a wheel.   So, yes, it is a big deal. Thank you Mr. Pilot.

by Stephanie Croquez, VP of Business Development at Global Travel Plus
Posted: 10/21/2016 12:46:48 PM