The "Revenge Travel" Phenomenon

Since the COVID-19 pandemic left many travel plans altered, canceled, or postponed, it's only natural that so many people feel a sense of wanderlust for travel. This has led to the rise of a recent phenomenon, called “revenge travel.” What is “revenge travel?” People refer to the sudden surge in traveling as taking revenge on the last year when restrictions and state guidelines recommended we stay home.

AdobeStock_427054950-(1).jpeg What will this mean for travel? This surge is likely to stick around, not just in the coming months, but also for the next few years as people address the pent-up travel demand they have experienced. Many travel experts predict that Americans will book more trips now than before the coronavirus era to make up for lost travel time and experiences. Read on to hear how people are using travel as revenge.
Spending More
People are traveling, and research shows that many are spending even more on it. A survey from Charles Schwab found that traveling was the top item on people's spending lists and they are willing to spend more on it. Travelers are spending an average of twenty percent more on vacations this year. This willingness to splurge on vacations may be because the value of travel has increased in most people's minds, and they are ready to take advantage of that. Indulgences like extended stays, upgrades, and long-haul travel are among these purchases. 
Using Points
Many people forget about the points you save whenever you make a credit card purchase or book a flight or hotel. Or, they’ll save them up for some time in the future. Now, travelers are eager to spend those miles, points, and travel vouchers that they have accumulated to take advantage of cost savings wherever they can.
The most common trends in revenge travel planning are sun and sand destinations with continued interest in outdoor excursions and activities. Before jumping into new cultures and places, many people want to take a relaxing break first. The most popular travel plans include relaxing on beaches, hiking through national and state parks, and camping. 
The sudden surge means that prices are going up again, and inventory is going down. If you have a destination in mind, lock it in as soon as possible. Be flexible with your dates and subscribe to flight and hotel price trackers since prices are constantly fluctuating.
Posted: 5/14/2021 9:37:27 AM