Spring Break Series # 1: Booking Your Trip


Every child (and adult) should experience the magic of Disney World at least once in their lifetime. As fun and exciting as that experience can be, traveling to Disney World can be quite stressful and expensive for a family. Below are some useful tips to ensure that you enjoy your vacation without “breaking the bank!”

This month we are celebrating spring break as many of our readers will be traveling for their spring vacation. Whether you are a student, working adult, or an elderly traveler, spring break has become a very popular trip to enjoy with family and friends. To continue the spring break enthusiasm, we present the first of the four installments of our Spring Break Series.


The first expenses you will encounter are booking your flight, hotel accommodations and admission to the theme parks.



Start looking at flights well in advance of your trip. Use a website or mobile application such as Airfare Watchdog. Set up alerts, monitor prices and use the predictive tools to see when the best time is to book your flight.  You could wait weeks or even months, depending on how far in advance you start the process. After some time of watching the prices, you’ll be able to determine what the best price is likely to be. There’s no way to positively predict future prices, but when you see the tickets drop to a price that fits your budget, strike immediately and book your flight as the prices can change quickly!


Hotel Accommodations

As far as hotel stays and accommodations, staying on the Walt Disney World Resort can be pricey. Though you do gain a bit of an advantage of being on the park property already, so you don’t have to do any driving, it’s likely not worth it. You can find a hotel or resort nearby, just 5-10 minutes from the park for a much more reasonable price.


Theme Parks Admissions

Admission to the theme parks varies in price by time of year, but not by much. For example, prices for 2020 for the 4-Park Magic Ticket which allows each guest to visit one park per day for a total of 4 days range from $85 to $102. The more important variable when purchasing your tickets is figuring out which parks you want to visit – you don’t have to visit all 4 parks and/or spend 4 days at the theme parks. Discuss as a family which parks you want to visit and try various combinations to find the best price that fits your budget and agenda. Purchase your park passes at least 60 days in advance (we’ll get back to the reason for this later).


Telling the Children

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park alone has an average of 20,859,000 visitors per year as of 2018 reported by Magic Guides. With over an average of 57,148 daily visitors, the park is a popular choice for many children and adults alike. Breaking the news about visiting Disney World can be exciting for your little one and this is your chance to get them excited for the journey by revisiting classic Disney shows, showing them your favorite characters, and asking them about what activities they would like to participate in during the visit.


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Posted: 3/6/2020 9:00:00 AM