In Action: Emergency Medical Evacuation out of Punta Cana for Urgent Surgery


A Global Travel Plus member, Justin and his wife Kate were vacationing in Punta Cana when Justin slipped and fell down a flight of stairs. He sustained fractures to his hip and ankle and was immediately hospitalized. His wife contacted Global Travel Plus for help.

Our medical team began monitoring Justin's care and soon found that no one at the hospital spoke English, making it impossible for Kate to communicate effectively with the hospital staff. Global Travel Plus Spanish-speaking coordinators were able to assist Kate and to establish a solid line of communication with the hospital.

The hospital insisted that Justin would be able to wait two full days before his surgery. Because our medical team was closely monitoring his treatment and care, we were able to pick this up right away and knew that he needed to have surgery within the next 24 hours to have the best possible recovery.

Global Travel Plus arranged and paid for his immediate evacuation on a private air ambulance. Our team also secured a room at a top Miami hospital were Justin had surgery right away. The couple remained in Miami until Justin was cleared for travel, then both were flown back to their home in Philadelphia via business class commercial flight with medical escort.
"We are 100% satisfied with Global Travel Plus. Please keep on doing a great job. My husband is alive and recovering ONLY because of you. We appreciate you brought us back home safely. You saved our lives!" - Kate
Posted: 3/30/2018 9:19:29 AM