Top 5 Uncrowded Beaches to Visit this Summer


Summer is the perfect season for hitting the waves and bathing in the sun. However, some beaches can become very crowded and noisy during this season. There are ways to avoid overcrowded beaches and find your very own relaxing spot. Here are a few of our recommended beaches around the world!


Koh Lanta, Thailand


Thailand has many islands but the most famous are Phuket and Phi Phi which become overcrowded due to tourism. Far from the maddening crowds lies the island of Koh Lanta that is an hour away from Krabi Airport. With mid-80-degrees year round, the shore offers a warm and relaxing environment for all visitors who know about the nine beaches located near the Andaman Sea.


Lord Howe Island, Australia


The Lord Howe Island is a well-kept, tiny island at the coast of the Pacific Ocean located in Sydney. Tourists on this island are capped at 400 ensuring enough space for everyone to enjoy the sun. Streetlights are a rarity and most people use bicycles to get around. Not only is this island the perfect vacation spot, but it is also an UNESCO World Heritage site that is home to brooding basalt-stack mountains that plunge directly into the sea. This island offers a variety of kingfish and snorkelers can enjoy the vibrant coral-reef lagoon.


Pyla-sur-Mer, France


France’s Cap Ferret is popular among tourists and locals making the beaches along this coast overcrowded and noisy. However the less well-known southern side of Côte d’Argent is home to a 350 foot Dune of Pyla which attracts the attention of hikers and beach lovers. Pyla-sur-Mer is a coastal patchwork with low lying, colonial-style summer houses and towering pine trees that offers a speakeasy party scene for visitors.


South Walton, Florida


South Walton County offers visitors sugar-white sand and turquoise-blue water with over 16 distinct beach neighborhoods. Located at the end of Florida’s Panhandle, the county has over 50 beach access locations to avoid overcrowding. If one area is crowded, you can easily navigate your way to another point.


Leeward Coast Beaches (Westside), Oahu


Tourists visiting Hawaii know all about the Waikiki beaches, however, just 30 miles away, lies the sunny and dry Leeward Coast of Oahu at the foot of the Waianae mountain range. This coast is less developed than Waikiki and offers more picturesque towns, rural landscapes, and off the beaten path beaches.
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Posted: 7/26/2019 9:00:00 AM