Global Travel Plus is here to help, even for the little travel mishaps!

Global Travel Plus is always at your side in case you face an emergency while you travel. When we think of travel or medical emergency, we tend to always think of the worst-case scenarios, but most of the time, it is for the little misfortunes, the ones that happen more often than we would like, that our travelers encounter and call us for help. Missing luggage, a lost passport, a forgotten prescription or a sore throat, although not dramatic, can quickly ruin your trip, so remember to download the Global Travel Plus Mobile App when traveling. We’re right here, on stand-by, should something happen. 
Read some stories of assistance Global Travel Plus provided this July.
Date: July 1st 
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Distance from Home: 5,136 miles
Service Provided: Medical Referral 
Assistance: 46-year-old traveler called as she was feeling pain in her teeth. It was Saturday night local time and dentist offices were closed for the weekend. After ensuring the level of care in nearby urgent care facilities met U.S. quality standards, Global Travel Plus medical coordinator sent her several suggestions for her to get treated properly for her pain. She was able to see a doctor who gave her pain management medicine and booked a dentist appointment for first thing on the Monday morning. 
Date: July 16th 
Location: Lahaina, Hawaii
Distance from Home: 2,435 miles
Service Provided: Prescription Assistance
Assistance: When arriving to Hawaii, 53-year-old traveler realized he forgot his prescription medicine for his diabetes. After receiving the call, Global Travel Plus coordinator called his pharmacy at home and arranged for a refill to be available at a local pharmacy in Hawaii. The member was able to get his medicine within a couple of hours. 
Date: July 24th 
Location: Orlando, Florida
Distance from Home: 992 miles
Service Provided: Lost Document Assistance
Assistance: 32-year-old woman was traveling to Orlando when she realized her wallet containing her driver license, passport and her debit and credit cards was missing. After calling her bank to replace her cards, she called Global Travel Plus for guidance regarding her lost IDs. Her flight back home is scheduled this Saturday July 28th. First, Global Travel Plus coordinator directed her through the Lost Passport Report process on the U.S. State Department website. Then, our coordinator sent her the address to the nearest Passport Agency and explained to her the appointment process for expedited services and the documents she would need such as her flight ticket. 
Global Travel Plus is also here to help prior to your departure. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need health, travel, cultural or security-related information regarding your destination. This is exactly what this customer did to prepare for her daughter’s study abroad trip to Roma, Italy. 
Date: July 20th 
Destination: Roma, Italy
Service Provided: Pre-Trip Assistance, Prescription Assistance, Medical Referral
Assistance: A Global Travel Plus customer called our Operations Center seeking assistance to prepare for her daughter’s departure in September for a study abroad program in Italy. Her daughter suffers severe seasonal allergies for which she must receive custom injections by her allergist at home. They needed Global Travel Plus help in finding a local doctor who can receive, store and administer the injections. They also asked our team to help secure the logistics to send the serums her allergist would prepare to Italy. The daughter cannot travel with them as they need to be maintained at a certain refrigerated temperature. Our team was able to secure a doctor who would receive the injections and set up frequent appointments with the student. After contacting Customs authorities in the U.S. and at destination in Italy, our logistic team arranged all the logistics to send the injections as soon as they are ready. The woman and her daughter are now enjoying the rest of their summer break until she leaves for her once-in-a-lifetime experience in Italy!
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Posted: 7/28/2017 2:34:29 PM