5 Reasons Why You Need Travel Assistance in 2018


Even the most carefully planned trips can get complicated due to unpredicted events. Whether it is a medical emergency, a missing prescription or a lost luggage, an unexpected incident can turn any trip into a stressful experience.

Imagine what a person who becomes incapacitated while traveling and who is not covered by travel assistance plan would face. Consider the potential for immense language and cultural barriers, even time differences. Now think of the financial burdens: an air ambulance alone can cost between $30,000 to $80,000, or more. A family can be destroyed physically, emotionally and economically by such a traumatic experience.

Travel Assistance is designed to help travelers deal with medical and non-medical emergencies and to alleviate the financial and logistics burden caused by an emergency. Here are 5 reasons why you should enroll to Global Travel Plus travel assistance plan in 2018.


Global Travel Plus will make sure your get the best medical care possible

Global Travel Plus relentlessly work to guarantee the safety and well being of its travelers. When our travelers face a medical emergency, we ensure they receive the timeliest and highest quality medical care available in any location. If appropriate care isn’t available, Global Travel Plus will transport the patients using whichever mode of transportation necessary, to the nearest facility that meets our rigorous standards. Once travelers are safe and ready to travel back home, Global Travel Plus arranges and pays for their repatriation home.

There are no financial limits on the services we provide

Global Travel Plus arranges and pays for all the services it provides, no matter how complex and remote the case is. We recently repatriated a couple back to Colorado after they got into a severe car accident in New Zealand. Taking them home required two air ambulance rides, commercial stretchers, ground ambulances and a full medical team. What could have costed the family over $150,000, costed them $0. The members and their family were able to focus on their health and recovery while Global Travel Plus took care of the logistics and the cost of such complex repatriation.

Global Travel Plus is here to assist even for the little travel mishaps

Thankfully, dramatic health emergencies don’t happen very often. However, traveling can bring its share of little misadventures. What if your luggage gets lost or delayed? Our Operations Center will help you recover your bags, so you don’t have to spend hours on the phone with the airline’s customer service. What if you misplaced your passport or that your wallet gets stolen? Global Travel Plus will help speed up the process of replacing your documents and blocking your payment cards. Another common mishap is the prescription meds too often forgotten at home. For this too, Global Travel Plus can help! Our coordinators will coordinate with your home doctor and local pharmacies and health providers to refill your prescriptions with the same or equivalent medication.

The Global Travel Plus program is a yearly plan

You don’t need to travel far away from home to be considered a frequent traveler. One hundred miles is all it takes. Think of all the short weekend getaway and last-minute day trips you can take during the year. Global Travel Plus is easy and affordable: you buy it once and you are covered for an entire year, no matter the distance you travel, the number of trips you take, or the number of emergencies you may face.

Global Travel Plus will assist you anywhere in the world

Many travel insurance and assistance companies will not assist their members who travel to an ‘at-risk’ location. These companies usually carry a geographical exclusion based on the U.S. Department of State’s travel warning list. This list currently includes 40 countries that are considered by the U.S. Department of Consular Affairs to be dangerous for travelers. Unlike most of our competitors, we will assist members anywhere in the world, whether you travel domestically or internationally and no matter how risky your location may be. 

Are you ready to travel smarter in 2018? If so, get started and enroll here

Posted: 1/5/2018 2:07:27 PM