Traveling Medical Kit Essentials


Travelers often forget to pack for small accidents that may arise during their trip. A first aid kit or medical travel kit is the perfect solution to scrapes, aches and pains, bug bites, upset stomach, and allergens. Just a handful of products can save much needed time while traveling in a foreign country and can help you remain active.


The most common form of minor injury are cuts and grazes and carrying a range of different sized adhesive bandages can save time spent on a pharmacy run. Along with bandages, adding a few cotton balls, cotton swabs, alcohol swabs, tape, and gauze can help dress wounds and scrapes. Direct contact with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide may irritate wounds further and can be opted out for a weaker liquid disinfectant solution that can be used to rinse out the wound for at least five minutes and remove any dirt, debris, or bacteria.



Keeping a few extra essentials in the traveling kit can be beneficial in the case of a minor injury. Some common items that are helpful during your travels are scissors for opening any medicinal packets, safety pins for splinter removal, resealable oven bags for contaminated articles, and tweezers for splinter, stinger, or tick removal, and a thermometer to ensure temperature control. This type of equipment can fit well into a water-resistant, drop-proof container or make-up cases and fanny packs with compartments so that there is less room for things to move around.


Building a medical kit for traveling has been made even easier with the small, individually wrapped, 0.5gram ointments and topical creams that can be found over the counter at pharmacies, drug stores, or online. A few topicals to keep handy while traveling are: Triple Antibiotic Ointment for minor scrapes and burns, burn cream for minor burns, pain relief cream for minor aches, instant hand sanitizer for infection control, Hydrocortisone Cream for temporary relief from itching, insect repellant topical, Sunscreen, Lip Balm, and sting relief cream.



Travelers should pack medications for treatment of basic issues such as colds, allergies, and stomach issues. Some of the most common medications to keep in the first aid kit include: antacids for stomach issues, antihistamines for allergic reactions and seasonal allergies, bismuth subsalicylate for nausea, gas and bloating, laxatives, anti-motility medication for severe diarrhea, cough and cold remedies and lozenges, pain relievers/fever reducers, and motion sickness medication.

If you require a medical referral or prescription assistance on your next trip, make sure to download the Global Travel Plus Mobile App. With just a tap of a button, you can be connected to our 24/7 Operations Team. The app also includes many features that may be helpful during your travels such as Pre-Trip Information, U.S. Pharmacy Locator, and Global Embassy Locator.
Posted: 2/7/2020 9:00:00 AM