You Need a Vacation


Studies have shown that Americans don’t typically use all of their allotted vacation days, but when they do, they spend their time off either sleeping or running errands. Family emergencies, doctor’s and dentist’s appointments are the most common events that many people use their vacation time on. Guilt and stress are also culprits. Many people feel guilty about relaxing while away from work or feel stressed because they’re thinking about work while away on vacation – the result is poor sleep while on vacation and skipping activities because they’re too tired. The verdict is out on whether mobile devices help or hurt when it comes to relaxation while vacationing, but it might just be personal preference.  Research shows that it’s almost an even split as 52% of working Americans feel mobile devices make it harder to relax while 53% feel they make it easier.

Some people prefer to stay on top of their email inbox and check their emails while they are on vacation so they don’t return to thousands of unread emails while others prefer to disconnect entirely, either shutting off their email notifications or ditching their mobile device all together and stashing it in a drawer for the duration of their vacation. Each person deals with stress differently, so the best advice is to do what makes you feel the most comfortable, but overall, try to use your vacation time to take an actual vacation when you can – and when you’re on vacation, RELAX!
Posted: 8/12/2016 11:06:57 AM