Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle while Traveling

Traveling is amazing! What’s not to love about discovering new places, meeting new people and trying new foods? But, traveling also means that your fitness, eating and sleep habits are disrupted which can affect your health. We’ve listed our top five tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling. 

1. Adopt a go-to travel exercise routine.

If you travel regularly, create an exercise routine that can easily be adapted to your environment and that you can commit to each time you travel. You routine should be simple and short, with exercises you can do in a hotel room, a gym, a park or even on a beach. 

If you are a runner, make sure to pack your running gears with you. Running is a great way to discover a destination from a different angle. If working out is not your thing, simply allocate 10 minutes in the morning to stretch before you start your day and another 5 minutes at night. It will help you relax and energize your body.


2. Favor walks over cabs or public transportation.

If possible, choose to walk to your destination rather than hop in a cab, bus or subway as walking is very beneficial for your health. It helps improve circulation, sleep and breath. It also strengthens muscles, supports your joints and can lead to weight loss. 


3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

You will find that a reusable water bottle will be your best travel ally. Once you get through airport security check points, fill up your bottle at a nearby water fountain and make sure you keep drinking water on the plane. Once arrived at your destination, fill up your bottle before you leave your hotel room.

4. Commit to one healthy meal a day.

While there is nothing wrong with trying new foods and enjoying big meals, having several rich meals per day can be hard on your body. If you are staying at a rental or an apartment-hotel, take advantage of the kitchen by cooking simple meals depending on your schedule. If eating out a lot, opt for vegetarian dishes, choose grilled options over fried, try some fresh seafood and look into the salad menu. 


5. Sleep! 

Changing time zones, walking all day, carrying suitcases, all of these can be harsh on your body and your energy. Just being away from your own bed can make it hard to fall asleep. Make sure to rest and to get plenty of sleep by blocking out the lights, reducing the noise and turning your phone off. 

If you incorporate these tips into your travel routine, we guarantee you will feel refreshed and full of energy to enjoy your trips to their fullest! 
Posted: 4/7/2017 1:04:37 PM