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More About Lysianassid Amphipods, the Tiny Sea-Creatures that Attacked an Australian Teen a Few Weeks Ago


A couple of weeks ago, while he was resting his feet in the cool ocean after an intense soccer game, a 16-year-old Australian teen was ‘attacked’ by tiny sea-creatures that littered his legs from the ankle down. We conducted some research to understand and know more about the sea-creatures that caused his injuries. 
Posted: 8/18/2017 11:30:30 AM


Everything You Need to Know for the Best Eclipse Viewing Experience


According to NASA’s website, the last total solar eclipse to cross the contiguous U.S. (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) was 38 years ago, in February 1979. With a new solar eclipse visible from the west coast to the east coast approaching, we decided to compile a list of tips and things to know in order to safely enjoy this extraoridinary phenomenon. 
Posted: 8/11/2017 3:26:42 PM


The Most Surprising Items You Cannot Ship to Italy


In a recent case where Global Travel Plus assisted a student preparing for her study abroad in Florence, Italy, our coordinators were required to contact the Italian custom authorities regarding their shipping policies. It turns out that a lot of things – even some day-to-day items – fall under unauthorized items for shipping to Italy! 

Posted: 8/4/2017 1:28:22 PM


Global Travel Plus is here to help, even for the little travel mishaps!

Global Travel Plus is always at your side in case you face an emergency while you travel. When we think of travel or medical emergency, we tend to always think of the worst-case scenarios, but most of the time, it is for the little misfortunes, the ones that happen more often than we would like, that our travelers encounter and call us for help. 
Posted: 7/28/2017 2:34:29 PM


Caution: Mosquito borne diseases still a global threat for travelers

Mosquito borne diseases, specifically malaria, dengue, yellow fever, zika, and chikungunya have resulted in millions of hospital admissions and deaths every year. It is extremely important to take the necessary precautions to avoid bites, especially when traveling to affected regions. 
Posted: 7/20/2017 1:31:56 PM